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Author: rwatts7777 - Replies: 4 - Views: 2813
Have just spent 10 days in the Rockies above 7000 feet.
The 110v compressors ran excessively hard while there. I had to manually turn on the compressors and then turn them off to avoid an "excessive run" situation.
I know the compressors lose about 20% of their effectiveness above 5000 feet.
Does anyone have a better solution? I'm told by Newell that I can not adjust the "on" "off" PSI of the compressor.
Any suggestions? Am now in Kansas and all seems to be back to normal.
Author: ags2622 - Replies: 4 - Views: 3023
[attachment=5807][attachment=5807]I have coach1518 with the cummins 600 engine.  I added freon and slugged the compressor and need to replace it.  Does anyone know the model number for the Sanden compressor for this engine?   Any suggestions appreciated.  We are in Houston Texas.
Author: rwatts7777 - Replies: 13 - Views: 5097
Have 2007 Coach 797 with Valid Air Trueline Leveling System. Two Thomas compressors. 166k miles.

Just came from Newell where they replaced 13 fittings on the air system, they replaced hoses and valves in the Bode door, did a wheel alignment that required an adjustment of a newly replaced front Height Control Valve.

In Montana at present where it's been nippy for us Florida thin bloods at around 4500 feet.

Coach Thomas compressors, at Newell, came on every 40 minutes for 30-45 seconds. N
Author: jdkskyking - Replies: 11 - Views: 2097
Hello Cat 13 owners

Recently my Dash AC compressor pulley bearing failed. I’ve replaced the pulley but the compressor seal may have been damaged as well. 

There is not a data plate on the compressor. 

If anyone with a Cat 13 Acert engine can send me the data plate info from the dash air AC Compressor I would appreciate it. 

I have the 8 groove serpentine belt system.

Thank you!!!